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Get Involved

Want to get involved in OKP? Whether you’re a student, parent, or just somebody who wants to help out, there are always so many opportunities. Jump to the Student section to see ways to get involved for students and jump to the Parent section to see ways to get involved for parents. We hope to see you soon!


The Opening Knight Players Google Classroom (Students Only)

The OKP Google Classroom is your starting point to doing anything in OKP. Weekly updates, field trips, scripts, and more are posted on here. The Google Classroom contains all of the classroom codes for any of the crews – crews being a group in OKP focused on doing a specific thing, like lights or sounds. It can also be a great way to see who else is involved in the club. 

Once you join the Google Classroom, you will also see upcoming OKP events on your Google Calendar. These could be general meetings, important events, or anything. Be sure to check your calendar often to stay up to date.

We hope to see you join in the Google Classroom!

What is it like to be involved?

Crew Work & Points

Most work done in OKP is done in a crew. A crew is a specific group in OKP that focuses on doing one task – hair, makeup, and lights are all examples. If you are interested in just one area of the play making process then finding the right crew for it is a great way to contribute. When you are dedicated enough to a crew, you can also become a crew chair. A crew chair is not the highest performing member of a crew, rather a leader that guides the process and keeps track of the work done by the crew members, which is represented by points.

You may have heard the term points and not understood what it meant. For every ten hours of work you do in OKP, you gain one point. The chair of the crew you’ve done the work in is responsible for keeping track of your points, and these will be reported to the points people on the eBoard who will officially log them. At 1.5 points, you are a voting member of the Opening Knight Players, meaning you can vote for who you would like to see on the eBoard. With 20 points, you satisfy one of the requirements to becoming a Thespian. 

Being on Stage

If you want to act on stage, you must go through an audition. Auditions are held before every show starts production and they will be mentioned in the General Meeting before a show. There are a limited number of parts for every show, and if every other role is taken you will be put in the ensemble. 

Once you get a part, you will go to rehearsal, which takes place almost every day. At rehearsal, lines are practiced and acting takes place. We know that nobody will be perfect from the first rehearsal, which is why we make sure to practice a lot to make the best possible performance. Gradually, the rehearsals will also be able to integrate things the other crews have been working on – props, costumes, hair and makeup. When all of these things are done, the show is run through like it was actually being shown live, just without an audience. Actors and actresses also get points for their work. 

Tech Week

The last week before a show is known as Tech Week. It is mandatory for everyone involved in the show and typically runs later than other rehearsals. The finishing touches are put on and the show is rehearsed with all of the bells and whistles. Tech Week is where the show really comes together, and it is a great thing to witness and be a part of.


Tuesday, October 10, 6:30-7:30PM: Opening Knight Players Parent Meeting
Tuesday, November 14, 6:30-7:30PM: Opening Knight Players Parent Meeting

Radium Girls Cast List

Grace Fryer: Molly Deptula
Kathryn Schaub:  Ashlyn Kindall
Irene Rudolph: Fiona Armstrong
Mrs. Roeder/Sob Sister: Mo Veach
Mrs. Fryer/Widow: Emma Van Tasel
Harriet/Mrs. McNeil: Emma Ferraro
Kathryn Wiley/Photographer: Sam Beaulieu
Clerk/Customer:  Nora Borst
Amelia Maggia: Amelia Crocker
Arthur Roeder: Will Naraghi
Charlie Lee/Frederick Flinn: Jason Gentile
Dan Lehman/Venecine Salesman: Ben Montanari
Edward Markley/Dr. Knef:  Rylan Fischer
Von Sochocky/Store Owner:  Will Stocker   
Raymond Berry/Lovesick Cowboy: Jake Kindall
Tom Kreider/Reporter: Jack Sprague
Dr. Harrison Martland/Court: Mason Mongeau

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Google Classrooms are for students only. If you are a parent, visit the Get Involved page to see other ways you can help out the Opening Knight Players.