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What is the eBoard?

The Executive Board (eBoard) is a group of individuals who are elected into certain positions for one year to ensure that OKP runs successfully. There are student leaders who are dedicated to their position. All eBoard members are elected at the last OKP general meeting of the year and have to be nominated by their peers for the role. Advisors also ensure OKP is able to perform upwards of 4 shows a year by providing expertise and experience. 


Will Prenetta

OKP Co-Advisor

I serve as advisor for both OKP and Troupe 5226 of the International Thespian Society.  In this role, I supervise all meetings, direct shows, and offer insight and assistance for any needs during the production process.

Robert Williams

Tech Director / Advisor

My job is to over see and provide instruction in the Tech areas of theatre, like sets, lights, props, and sound.
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Will Naraghi

OKP President

The President has a modicum of jobs. On one hand, I deal with general business duty such as holding monthly meetings, working with E-board to create agendas, and planning and developing events. During productions, I work closely with crews, alongside the Vice President, to manage and facilitate communication. I also work more broadly, overseeing E-Board and delegating responsibility. On the other hand, I work to facilitate an environment of passion within OKP, and have a personal connection with each member.

I’ve always had a deep love of theatre. I think it’s one of the most creative and impactful ways to create and tell stories, and through that inspire empathy in people. I’m currently a senior applying to college for acting to hopefully own my own theatre one day.

Emma Van Tasel

OKP Vice President

As VP, I focus on the management of crew work and the overall communication between them and OKP in general. I advocate for the suggestions of OKP’s members, help the President when needed, and work to ensure that OKP remains a friendly and open environment. 

Hi, I’m Emma! I’m a senior this year, and I’ve been in OKP since my freshman year of high school, where I found a love for both acting and styling hair behind the scenes. You might have seen me onstage as Lady Olivia in Twelfth Night, Kelsi Nielsen in High School Musical, or Karen in Christmas in Pinetree Corners 2022, to name a few. Outside of theater, I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing the piano, tennis, biking, and reading. After high school, I’m planning on attending college to be an elementary school teacher. 

Colleen McGrath


At the start of the year, I met with the President and Vice President to create the yearly calendar. I am then in charge of maintaining the calendar in the back hallway and the white board in Mrs. Willis’ room (347). I also am in charge of the bulletin board in the back hallway. I work with the President and Vice President of general OKP and Thespian Society to make sure that everything is effectively communicated. I take attendance for thespian and E-Board meetings and notes during all General Meetings and Thespian meetings. 

The Secretary takes notes at the E-Board meetings, and create the agenda from that with the president. They print out the agenda and put it on the backboard after each general meeting. Lastly, at the end of the year I am in charge of the slideshow.

Will Stocker

Points Secretary

As a points secretary, I manage all things points within OKP, which includes how we collect points, any special cases of points, and most importantly, tracking point’s totals for everyone in OKP! A point is every 10 hours of work put into OKP, so my job includes tracking all the time that everyone puts in to OKP. I use paper sign in sheets, and a large spreadsheet to do all of this. This year we worked to improve the points collection system, by keeping records of where points are coming from, and improving the points sheet!

I am a senior who has been in OKP for all four years. I have been in the costumes crew and have been chair of scenic painting. I also have acted many times. Outside of OKP I am a lifeguard and a colorguard and Winterguard captain, as well as a camp counselor.

Emilie Morrissette & Jason Gentile

Social Media Secretaries

As social media secretaries, we manage the Opening Knight Players social media accounts. This includes our Instagram page, TikTok account, and Facebook. We inform the community on our social media platforms when there are events and shows. Additionally, we post weekly updates on our Instagram to notify everyone what each week will look like and any other important information. Feel free to message us on our Instagram about any questions you may have!


Emma Ferraro

Freshman Representative

As the Freshman Representative, my job is to represent the class of 2026. My job is to collaborate with my peers and find ways to encourage more freshman to get involved in OKP. I also have the responsibility to listen to my peers in OKP. I’m here to listen to concerns and questions new OKP members have. As the representative, I have the responsibility to be the voice for others around me.

Grace Currier

Sophomore Representative

I am the voice of the sophomore class. Sophomores can come to me and express their concerns and I can share them at eBoard meetings. I’m also in charge of organizing gifts for the seniors for the OKP banquet at the end of the year.


Rylan Fischer

Junior Representative

I represent the Junior Class at eBoard meetings. I help recruit new juniors to the group, and I am also in charge of writing the Senior Skit at the end of the year.

Radium Girls Cast List

Grace Fryer: Molly Deptula
Kathryn Schaub:  Ashlyn Kindall
Irene Rudolph: Fiona Armstrong
Mrs. Roeder/Sob Sister: Mo Veach
Mrs. Fryer/Widow: Emma Van Tasel
Harriet/Mrs. McNeil: Emma Ferraro
Kathryn Wiley/Photographer: Sam Beaulieu
Clerk/Customer:  Nora Borst
Amelia Maggia: Amelia Crocker
Arthur Roeder: Will Naraghi
Charlie Lee/Frederick Flinn: Jason Gentile
Dan Lehman/Venecine Salesman: Ben Montanari
Edward Markley/Dr. Knef:  Rylan Fischer
Von Sochocky/Store Owner:  Will Stocker   
Raymond Berry/Lovesick Cowboy: Jake Kindall
Tom Kreider/Reporter: Jack Sprague
Dr. Harrison Martland/Court: Mason Mongeau

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