Congratulations to the crew chairs for Swashbuckling Sisters!


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Swashbuckling Sisters

Cecelia, Constance, Clare and Christabelle Swashbuckling live on the small island of Cessabit and run their family’s candle shop. They dream of adventures like they’ve had in their bedtime stories, but it never seems possible until one day…when they accidentally commandeer a pirate ship. Now the world is their oyster…where will their adventures take them? This musical, written by Erin McGrath, will be performed on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2024.

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Eyes of Evil

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When the city of Greylock begins to experience a reign of terror from a murderer they’ve never experienced before, Detective Loretta Kincade is brought to the city to assist with the case. Her previous experience with the serial killer “The King of Spades” has given her a sense of confidence and knowledge for this case. However, upon seeing her first victim and receiving a phone call from the unknown killer, Kincade soon realizes that “The King of Spades” was never caught, and he’s back to prove a point. What started as another job for Loretta turns into a personal hell of identity crisis and morality as the lines between detective and murderer become more and more blurry.

Eyes of Evil was performed Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 PM and Friday, March 8th at 6:00 PM in the Gordon C. Getchell Auditorium, and was a part of the annual Connecticut Drama Association Festival.

The Awards

  • Theatrical excellence (Second place.) Worth a trip to the New England Drama Festival.
  • Outstanding sound
  • Outstanding properties
  • Technical adjudication First place — Julian for the design of the set of Eyes of Evil.
  • Best student playwright— Rylan Fischer (Rylan was also the director, actor composer of the music!)
  • Honorable mentions for outstanding acting – Ashlyn Kindall and Zenia Aleesha
  • All Connecticut cast members— Molly Virkler and Ovie Kayoma
  • Best actress – Mo Veach
  • The Stage management award — given to the school that shows the best overall team work between crews & cast and exemplifies the principles of Theatre.

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Congratulations to the crew chairs for Swashbuckling Sisters!
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Radium Girls Cast List

Grace Fryer: Molly Deptula
Kathryn Schaub:  Ashlyn Kindall
Irene Rudolph: Fiona Armstrong
Mrs. Roeder/Sob Sister: Mo Veach
Mrs. Fryer/Widow: Emma Van Tasel
Harriet/Mrs. McNeil: Emma Ferraro
Kathryn Wiley/Photographer: Sam Beaulieu
Clerk/Customer:  Nora Borst
Amelia Maggia: Amelia Crocker
Arthur Roeder: Will Naraghi
Charlie Lee/Frederick Flinn: Jason Gentile
Dan Lehman/Venecine Salesman: Ben Montanari
Edward Markley/Dr. Knef:  Rylan Fischer
Von Sochocky/Store Owner:  Will Stocker   
Raymond Berry/Lovesick Cowboy: Jake Kindall
Tom Kreider/Reporter: Jack Sprague
Dr. Harrison Martland/Court: Mason Mongeau

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